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are the special issues (printed analogues were distributed in regions), shining{covering} about debatable problems gender theories, gender attitudes and relations in the most different areas of a public life. The research data resulted editions in a significant part are made by advisers of AGIC


In this section the gender researches are presented. The researches have been realized by the Azerbaijan authors with 1998 on present time


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The Crisis Center:
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consultations of the gynecologist. psychiatrist, neuropathologist. venereologist, the organization of the specialized analyses

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Consultations in registry offices about an opportunity of the conclusion of the marriage contract at registration of a marriage as precautionary measure against economic violence over family.

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Support to victims of human trafficking shelter for victims of human trafficking


Whether you are familiar with the Law " About Gender Equality in the Azerbaijan Republic?


Gender Researches Center Under the Western University





Gender researches ñenter under Western University was created in June 2000.

It was established as non-commercial public association at non-state Western University. There is no any staff unit. Volunteers from among young researches, teachers, students, post-graduate students and candidates for a degree assist to the Center. Board of Directors discuss the plan of measures for the current year and perspective, course of realization of the Projects.

The major mission of the Center is firstly to develop and disseminate a gender approach to the analysis of social life, which is new for the Azerbaijan society; secondly to integrate this approach into research and educational programs.


Gender research ñenter's activity is carried in the following directions:

  • conduction women's and gender researches, integration the gender theory in social sciences and the humanities;
  • developing the curriculum and syllabus for the lectures of universities;
  • development scientific and public relations, conduct scientific-practical conferences conferences, seminars and round tables;
  • educational and scientific activity;
  • publications of Gender research ñenter.


The purpose of GRC consists of the research and analysis the following problems:

  • the gender measurement of human rights;
  • the person and his relations with the world;
  • freedom of person and the borders of freedom;
  • distinctions between people and necessity observance of the equal rights;
  • marriage, family and religion;
  • traditional and democratic values.




The structure of GRC consists of 62 teachers and the researchers (in practice executes the functions of interuniversities scientific centre), who represent 17 higher educational institutions of republic, including the regions Nakhchivan, Gandja, Lankaran. Since 2005 38 young researchers-students, master students, post-graduate students start their activity in the GRC.





Since creation of the Center's researchers had been prepared and published 17 study programs by gender in the sphere of the gender education were fulfilled.                            




The Study programs


The authors



Gender aspect in the

economical theory

Ibragimova Eleonora - managing faculty economy, marketing and management the Western University, candidate of economical science


Gender aspects of employment the population in Azerbaijan Republic

Sulejmanova Gulara - the associated professor of department economy, marketing and management of the Western University, candidate of economical science


Gender aspects in history of Azerbaijan

Mamedova Farida - corresponding member National Azerbaijan Academy of sciences, managing faculty of the history the Western University

Gadzhiev Ulvija - the younger scientific employee of the National Azerbaijan Academy of sciences


Gender sociology

Axundov Akif - the senior lecturer of faculty humanitarian disciplines of Western University, candidate of philosophy


Legal aspects of gender researches

Gadjieva Elmira - the associated professor of the law faculty the Western University jurisprudence science


Gender aspects in

political sciences

Aliyeva Magiba - the associated professor of political sciences and political management faculty of the Academy of the Government management under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, candidate of historical sciences
Orduxanova Fidan - the senior teacher of the politology faculty of the Western University, the dissertator


Gender aspects in philosophy

Azimov Anar - the chief of the department "East - West" Oriental studies Institute of the National Azerbaijan Academy of sciences, candidate of philosophy


Gender and culture

Faradjeva Fidan - the associated professor of philosophy faculty of the Baku State University, candidate of philosophy


Psychological aspects

of gender problematic

Abbaszade Nagina- the teacher of faculty political science of the Western University, the post-graduate student Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University



Gender and philology

Sagiba Gafarova - chief of English philology department the  Western University, professor assistant


Gender and art criticism

Gulieva Leili - the associated professor philosophy faculty of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, candidate of philosophy




Gender aspect of conflict study

Alieva Magiba - the associated professor of political sciences and political management faculty of the Academy of the Government management under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, candidate of historical sciences



Gender  problematic in ecology

Gurbanovva Saida - the associated professor of economy, marketing and management faculty of Western University,



Gender and ecology

Bayramova Lala - the senior teacher of preservation of the environment faculty of the Baku State University


Gender and journalism

Babayev Zaur - the senior teacher the theory and practice of journalism faculty of the Baku State University and Western University



Gender problematic in the

 cultural anthropology

Faradjeva Fidan - Ecology of philosophy faculty of the Baku State University, candidate of philosophy



Information-Communication Technology and gender

Gasumova Yelena - associated professor of  political sciences and political management faculty of the Academy of the Government management under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, candidate of historical sciences
Isgenderova  Solmaz - head of the information technology department the Economic University


The copyrights of composers are protected by the decision of Azerbaijan Agency for the Protection of copyrights.


Syllabue have been confirmed by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan and the Institute of educational problems of Azerbaijan Republic. The syllabue and curricula have been published and sent to all universities. All scientific investigations reflect the gender problem, so gender studies have been included in the syllabue of Western University, Baku State University, State Academy of Management, the Institute of teachers and Foreign Languages University.


Under the support of the Population Fund of United Nation for young researchers, students and master students of higher educational establishments of Azerbaijan from February 24, 2006 to  June 24, 2006 were conducted the cycle of measures "On the ways to gender equality: gender and morality". These seminars are round-table discussions, debates and exhibitions. For participation in measures are involved experts, specialists, researchers and teachers.





For the teachers of higher educational institutions trainings according gender issue had been carried out. The trainings included 5 modules:

                                   1. Political science and history
                                               2. Philosophy and cultural science
                                               3. Psychology and sociology
                                               4. The theory of economy and the population employment
                                               5. The Law

Trainings on each module were conducted in two (in Azerbaijan and Russian) groups, during 5 days. The program of trainings extended till 4 class hours 18 trainers and 32 experts carried out conducted the lessons. 9 from them are authors of curriculums and rates of lectures, participants of numerous conferences and seminars.

The common number of participants has made 221 persons, including: 127 teachers, 10 heads of educational institutions and departments, 13 senior scientific employees, 17 younger scientific employees, 15 senior laboratory assistants and also 23 holders of master degree. 61 candidate of sciences, 32 senior lecturers and 24 senior teachers, 15 holders of master degree, 26 post-graduate students and dissertators. All they have taken part in work of training,
            It is more than half of participants than 40 years were younger. It shows, that desire to understand a gender, to introduce its positions in humanitarian disciplines are observed more at young teachers. Distributing materials have been given to each participant of training. Distributing materials including: the corresponding curriculum, a rate of lectures, methodical and information materials on a gender for use in educational process. During trainings art and documentary films were shown to students, interactive means were used, tests and business games were carried out. In end of each training certificates were entrusted to students. At financial support of international organization UNIFEM, curriculums, rates of lectures, the methodical manual for gender training, and also the collection "Gender: history, society, culture" have been republished. They were directed to 29 higher educational institutions of republic.

The independent estimation of the training by the participants has shown, that work of the Center in this direction was very important and expedient. This opinion was stated by participants of training and suggested to make such trainings permanent.

For teachers of higher educational institutions reading a course and having intention to conduct this course and for workers of the ministries and departments on problems of education since April till June 2005 on 7 modules in 10 groups: gender aspect of politology, conflictology and peace bealding, globalization, gender in economy and ecology, gender aspect art criticism and philology an etc. Trainings on each module be ordered in two (in Azerbaijan and Russian) groups, each day 4 academic hours during 5 days. In trainings have shared 156 people.

Development of business in Azerbaijan is accompanied by a deepening of economic transformations. In December, 26-27 2005 and in April, 19 2006 the trainings "Bases of Gender: Introduction of Gender Aspect in Micro Financing". Trainings are carried out by the Gender Researches Center at the Western University together with the Azerbaijan Micro financial Association (AMFA). Participants of training in Baku became the representatives of various micro financial structures of republic. In trainings have shared 40 people.

 For groups of researchers, teachers, students and representatives of NGOs  are lead trainings  "Gender and Information Communication Technologies". The aim is developing information culture and to overcome digital gap  between men and women through  work with virtual resources and preparation the curriculum for high school "Gender Study and ICT". In trainings have shared 141  people.

 Within the frames of new legislation act of Azerbaijan Republic concerned "The provision of gender (male and female) equality" the GRC will organize the trainings for lectures of pedagogical departments of universities in Baku, and, further in regions, for the lectures from Nakhchivan, Ganja and Lankaran State Universities.





On December, 23 2000 I Republican scientific - practical conference "Integration of the gender theory into social and humanitarian discipline" had been carried out. 50 scientists, researchers, teachers, holders of master degree and students from 7 high schools of republic, and also heads and experts of the gender centers, the nongovernmental women's organizations had taken part in work of conference. At the conference 16 reports and communications have been heard. Materials of conference are issued and have been directed to high schools of republic and the interested organizations.

On March, 9 2002 II Republican scientific - practical conference "Theory -methodological aspects of problems of gender study in higher educational system" had been carry out. 62 scientists, teachers, researchers, holders of master degree and students from high schools of republic, and also heads and experts of the gender centers, associations, the nongovernmental women's organizations and international humanitarian organizations have taken part in work of conference. At conference 24 reports and communications had been heard. Materials of conference are issued and have been directed to high schools of republic and the interested organizations.

March 27, 2004 within the frame of the Project "Gender Relations in the modern society" III scientific-practical conference "Development of gender studies in the context of contemporary social-practical changes" was held. The conference was attended by scholars, lectures, heads of international and public organizations in Azerbaijan, Russia and Georgia. The conference held the form of plenary meetings and work in 4 sections:

  • Civil society and gender measurements of human rights
  • Gender conflict and peace building
  • Gender and globalization
  • Gender and culture

A display of the latest Azeri and foreign publications on gender was organized for the participants of the conference. They also had a chance to see the unique exposition of Sitara Rahimova, an artist.


April 1, 2005ã. it is lead conference «Gender equality and Azerbaijan». The main purpose of this conference was the discussion of problems gender equality in different orbs, including in an orb of policy, elective franchises, economics, social problems. In particular spoke about reduction of a gap between the men and women, about equal capabilities as from the point of view of a state policy, legislative warranties.

 May 26, 2006 at the work of XIII traditional students scientific-practical conference had taken part and speak  junior researchers of the Gender Research Center. 

 Now GRC works over the new scientific conference which will be organized in April of 2007. The main slogan of the conference will be "The role of gender investigations in providing sustainable development".




On November, 27 2002. the Center of Gender Researches had realized the presentation of the collection "Gender: history, society, culture" and the methodical (manual for the gender training, developing on the basis "Oxfam Gender Manual" (Great Britain). The composer of this book was the senior teacher of the law faculty of Western University Rza Zulfugarzade. This methodical manual promoted successful carrying out the trainings for teachers and who is interested in gender problem.

On 27 November, 2004 the Center of Gender Researches had realized the presentation of new 6 study program on another 6 social and humanitarian disciplines: philology, conflict study, journalism, art criticism, anthropology, ecology.

On March, 2006 with the purpose of analysis conditions of formation gender equality/inequality in a system of a higher school of Azerbaijan and Georgia by researchers of Gender Research Center finished activity on the basis of which one the analytical report «Gender equality in education» was published, the presentation which one was held on April 4 2006ã.


On November, 11 2006 on the basis of sociological interrogation among the students and teachers of high schools will conduct presentation of the analytical report «Gender climate in University space», where the representation of the students and teachers of high schools, and also gender of attitude (relation) in a learning process in high school are mirrored gender stereotypes. 


Prepares the publication of the collection «Introduction in a gender science» in 2 parts in two languages (Azerbaijan and Russian), carried out at financial support prepares Fund of the Population of the United Nations Organization. The presentation of these collections will take place in 2007.




From September 4 till 7 2006 for increase of a skill level of the researchers, gender of sensitivity for the post-graduate students of higher educational establishments of Azerbaijan, introducing in their scientific researches, illumination of outcomes of researches in special section of activity design the realization of Summer School "Gender and Education: man and society" in Youth Center "Ganjlik"

In 2007 the second Summer School is expected.



AGIC promotes creating the history of civil society and those initiations by studying womanవblic activity in the end of XIX - the beginning of XX centuries. The collection of the visual evidences and oral reminiscences allows not only to recalled the events, become utterly absorbed in the atmosphere that reigned at that time but also to comprehend, understand how and what efforts were demanded for establishing of Caucasus women಩ghts. The information collected here will serve also as a supporting material for teachers, historians and researchers working in the sphere of woman࡮d gender problems. They will get an opportunity of using these unique documents as historical references, visual and oral evidences.


The European WomenԨesaurus is the tool for definition and search of the "female" information in databanks, the Internet and the collection of women଩braries, the documentary centers and archives. The European WomenԨesaurus contains 2087 European terms.

In the Azerbaijan version of the Thesaurus are brought 589 terms reflecting sociopolitical realities of the Azerbaijan society, national and Islamic culture.


is the data-base of all the national actors involved in women's and gender issues work. The data base supposes to include the gender focal points:㴡te agencies, National parliament, Business sector, Mass media outlets, 鮴ernational organizations, functioning in Azerbaijan, Funding institutions, functioning in Azerbaijan,鰬omatic corps, functioning in Azerbaijan, the individual actors (individual feminists, writers and poets, artists, scientific women಩ghts lawyers). Attention! The directory is connected by links to databases of women·Os (both registered and non-registered), NGOs carrying out gender projects, researchers and teachers.


In Azerbaijan by initiative of the President Ilham Aliev in accordance with Presidential Decree dated by 6 of February 2006 State Committee on Family, Women and Children issues has been established. Chairwoman of the Committee is Mrs. Khidjran Guseynova. She is the professor of the Baku State University and the first woman- the doctor of political sciences in Azerbaijan


The section presents the international documents on achievement of equality between men and women and protection of human rights for women.


The section presents the international documents on achievement of equality between men and women and protection of human rights for women.


The database base of women·Os includes the registered and unregistered organizations, womenঠgroups. Attention! There arenలactically precisely profile NGOs in Azerbaijan. For completeness of the information search is recommended to realize by several key words


The database represents the information about the international and national projects on gender problems for the period 1998-2007. Search is carried out both by thematic key words and under names of NGOs

Human Rights in the XXI Century - Azerbaijan

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