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are the special issues (printed analogues were distributed in regions), shining{covering} about debatable problems gender theories, gender attitudes and relations in the most different areas of a public life. The research data resulted editions in a significant part are made by advisers of AGIC


In this section the gender researches are presented. The researches have been realized by the Azerbaijan authors with 1998 on present time


To the submitted addresses it is possible to receive legal, psychological and medical aid:

The Crisis Center:
t: 4943376

legal consultation. pre-judicial preparation of the documentation . psychological rehabilitation, consultations of the gynecologist. psychiatrist, neuropathologist.

MHAIDS Azerbaijan:
t: 5106614 mhaids@initiative.az

consultations of the gynecologist. psychiatrist, neuropathologist. venereologist, the organization of the specialized analyses

Research Center ⅁Tꍊ
t: 438 15 77:


Consultations in registry offices about an opportunity of the conclusion of the marriage contract at registration of a marriage as precautionary measure against economic violence over family.

LTD ᷠand Order튍
꠨050) 341 06 60

legal consultation, drawing up of judicial claims , pre-judicial preparation of the documentation, participation in judicial sessions as the public defender (prosecutor)

쥡n World㯣ial Union
꠴97 10 58

Support to victims of human trafficking shelter for victims of human trafficking


Whether you are familiar with the Law " About Gender Equality in the Azerbaijan Republic?


It's us

"Azerbaijan Gender Information Center" AGIC is the first informational and analytical, bibliographical and documental center of women movement on the territory of the South Caucasus.

In the beginning of 2002 year under the support of Fund "Open Society - Azerbaijan" started the project "Azerbaijan Gender Information Center" (AGIC).

The project of AGIC establishment was carried out by the coalition of republic women organizations:

  • Research Center of Modern Social Processes
  • Association of Creative Women, Baku
  • Azerbaijan Association of Organizational and Technical Development, Baku
  • Mingechaur Women Youth Centerr "Shams"
  • Hudat Center of Youth Programmes Development.

  • The program and financial responsibility lays on the Center for researches modern social processes "". To the beginning of this project "" has executed a number of gender researches, the major among which:

  • Women"s business cooperation on Southern Caucasus ("Eurasia" Foundation, 1999)
  • Gender researches "Women in the social conflict " (World Bank, 2000)
  • Women in the Azerbaijan society (Altair, 2000)
  • Women against violence (ISAR - Gorizonte, 2001)
  • Women in local coomunity (ISAR- Gorizonte, 2002)
  • Gender actual information resources and development the third sector in Azerbaijan (ISAR, 2002)

  • The Azerbaijan Organizational and Technical development Association was created under the support "Eurasia " foundation in 2000. Association executed the following projects:

  • Incubator of the nongovernmental women's organizations ("Eurasia" foundation, 2000)
  • Marketing the third sector in Azerbaijan ( " Eurasia "foundation, 2001)
  • Business - incubator in support of women's business ("Eurasia "foundation, 2002)

  • Creative Women Association was established in 1999 under the support Open Society - Assistance Foundation Azerbaijan. Association develops women's and children's creativity, realizes the rehabilitation works with refugees and the compelled immigrants, orphans. Association is very attached to the vulnerable children and develops charity.

    Association executes the following projects:

  • Education the average and elderly population on Southern Caucasus (IIZ/DVV)

  • Our collective:

    Elena Kasumova is the director. She is the candidate of philosophical sciences, the senior lecturer, specializes in the field of political gender and women's nongovernmental movement. She is the author of some books of gender problems in Azerbaijan.
    Solmaz Iskenderova is the information technologies manager. She is the programmer engineer, the senior teacher in the Azerbaijan Economic University. She specializes in the field of information technologies in gender development.
    Alieva Yuliya , the consultant by resource “Stop violence against women”. She finished the magistrate ‘Gender study ‘ of CEU
    Irada Kasumova is the candidate of historical sciences. She is responsible for a virtual museum.
    Olga Valiyeva is the programmer. She specializes in the field of female virtual development, engages in propaganda for the cyberfeminizm ideas.
    Natik Mamedov is the manager and culturologist. He is responsible for public relations. He specializes in the field of cultural science.
    Nellija Gasimova is the philologist. She is the librarian conducting monitoring Azerbaijan press.

    Ali Abbasov is the doctor of the philosophy s., professor, the head of the Department of the gender and new directions of the philosophy, the head of a working team of the national report of Azerbaijan on human development in gender measurement. The main adviser of the Center. The expert of culture of peace.

    The Purposes at the national level

  • Creation of a national gender portal;
  • Development the national strategy in the field of gender and information communicative technologies.

  • The Tasks at the national level

  • Virtual promotion women's NGOs and women's initiative groups;
  • Media monitoring women's issue in the Azerbaijan periodical press;
  • To gather and dessiminate necessary social gender initiatives for the assistance to NGOs in the fund-raising;
  • To create the filmtics, phonetics, photoarchive of republic women's NGO and also the project having the gender problematics;
  • Develop contacts to the state structures working in the field of the gender issue;
  • To conduct training on informaiton techology;
  • To issue the informational bulletins for women's NGOs per quarter;
  • Realize the trainings for gender development and teach the women the base computer skills, and also information technologies for using virtual library;
  • Rendering of consultations to students, teachers, journalists and everyone interesting the gender problems;
  • Creation the Azerbaijan virtual museum about women's movement history.

  • The Purposes at the international level

    According to European project REWIND NET (the Network electronic resources the female information and documentation) we create the Azerbaijan network component.

    The Tasks at the international level

  • Creation the women's virtual network together with the partners from Georgia; Development the virtual contacts and databank gather by the women's movement in the Central Asia;
  • Monitoring the republican mass-media according the frameworks East European Women's Project under conducting Croatian NGO "Infoteca " :
  • Violence over the women and the state actions for advocacy the women;
  • Language sexism and gender equal;
  • Women's political participation and women's rights of decision-making;
  • Economic reforms and development of female business;
  • Creation the database for inclusion the Azerbaijan materials in an European database;

  • Development of the Project

    In the beginning of 2003 annual monitoring had taken place conducting Open Society - Assistance foundation in Azerbaijan.

    The realization of the project "the Azerbaijan Gender Information Center" had received the positive estimation and recommendations on continuation of the project.

    In 2003-2004 the project proceeds and develops within the framework of the national women's program conducting Open Society - Assistance foundation in Azerbaijan and the working women's network East Europe program " the Information Documentary Women's Center ".

    The first year of the project was characterized by the occurrence in the women's network, the adjustment of the contacts with women's NGOs in the capital and in regions, the creation of the virtual and traditional library, creation of the database of NGOs, the inclusion of all collected material in the first female site in our republic.

    The basic direction of our activity according the demands of the East Europe coordinator was bibliographic work which included the retrospective and preventative description of the Azerbaijan periodical press on a gender problem and exhibiting this material in our site. By present time Center collected and exposed in the site about 6000 articles.

    Through the largest server "Subscriber" AGIC conducted to dispatch the articles on the gender themes, prepared by analysts and advisers of the center.

    For the expired period attendance of our site has reached approximately 3000 visitors and the number of constant electronic subscribers comes nearer to 250. Thus, the material and bibliographic base of the Center was created. working .

    The quantity of the volunteers who are keeping in contact with regions has increased. Since 2004 volunteers became initiative groups: "Women"s mejlis" (Massali), "Women for equal economic rights" (Zakatali), " Chuhur-Gabala" (Gabala), "Sarasjali" (Agdam)

    The project 2004 deduces the Center on higher level of development and assumes:

  • Creation of a national dynamical gender portal with weekly updating
  • Creation the information and educational gender center in region
  • Development of the new information technologies connected to introduction in search of " the European Women's Thesaurus "
  • Introduction of new information technologies for press - clipping
  • Formation the archive of a women's movement in Azerbaijan and in the long term Southern Caucasus
  • Participation in development of gender education in our republic
  • Rendering of consulting services to the business women

  • Development the project at the international level

    GIC is the information manager in Azerbaijan the databank women's development for the International Information and Archival Center of the Women's movement (IIAV, Amsterdam).

    AGIC is the information manager in Azerbaijan the databank projects gender issue for East European women's network program.

    AGIC is the consultant gender issue in Azerbaijan for (USA) foundation.

    AGIC is the consultant gender issue in Azerbaijan for Program ( BRD).

    AGIC is the information provider of the Azerbaijan Women's "Coalition - 1325". Coalition was created in frameworks UNIFEM project "Women for the world and prevention conflicts on Southern Caucasus".

    AGIC is one of three (including Armenia and Georgia) publishers of the regional magazine "Women's appeal for peace ".

    AGIC represents the country at the international conferences and seminars at the gender issue in Washington, Amsterdam, Sofia, Istanbul, Warsaw, Zagreb, and Budapest.

    AGIC promotes creating the history of civil society and those initiations by studying womanవblic activity in the end of XIX - the beginning of XX centuries. The collection of the visual evidences and oral reminiscences allows not only to recalled the events, become utterly absorbed in the atmosphere that reigned at that time but also to comprehend, understand how and what efforts were demanded for establishing of Caucasus women಩ghts. The information collected here will serve also as a supporting material for teachers, historians and researchers working in the sphere of woman࡮d gender problems. They will get an opportunity of using these unique documents as historical references, visual and oral evidences.


    The European WomenԨesaurus is the tool for definition and search of the "female" information in databanks, the Internet and the collection of women଩braries, the documentary centers and archives. The European WomenԨesaurus contains 2087 European terms.

    In the Azerbaijan version of the Thesaurus are brought 589 terms reflecting sociopolitical realities of the Azerbaijan society, national and Islamic culture.


    is the data-base of all the national actors involved in women's and gender issues work. The data base supposes to include the gender focal points:㴡te agencies, National parliament, Business sector, Mass media outlets, 鮴ernational organizations, functioning in Azerbaijan, Funding institutions, functioning in Azerbaijan,鰬omatic corps, functioning in Azerbaijan, the individual actors (individual feminists, writers and poets, artists, scientific women಩ghts lawyers). Attention! The directory is connected by links to databases of women·Os (both registered and non-registered), NGOs carrying out gender projects, researchers and teachers.


    In Azerbaijan by initiative of the President Ilham Aliev in accordance with Presidential Decree dated by 6 of February 2006 State Committee on Family, Women and Children issues has been established. Chairwoman of the Committee is Mrs. Khidjran Guseynova. She is the professor of the Baku State University and the first woman- the doctor of political sciences in Azerbaijan


    The section presents the international documents on achievement of equality between men and women and protection of human rights for women.


    The section presents the international documents on achievement of equality between men and women and protection of human rights for women.


    The database base of women·Os includes the registered and unregistered organizations, womenঠgroups. Attention! There arenలactically precisely profile NGOs in Azerbaijan. For completeness of the information search is recommended to realize by several key words


    The database represents the information about the international and national projects on gender problems for the period 1998-2007. Search is carried out both by thematic key words and under names of NGOs

    Human Rights in the XXI Century - Azerbaijan

    ϰࢮ ⻡. ͮ⮱蠀祰ᠩ䦠� ୠ먲誠, 砪䠲嫼⢮, 嫨㨿

    Regional Initiative of Women's Groups for Promoting ICT as a Strategic Tool for Social Transformation

          This site was prepared with support of Fund " Open Society " - Fund of Assistance