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are the special issues (printed analogues were distributed in regions), shining{covering} about debatable problems gender theories, gender attitudes and relations in the most different areas of a public life. The research data resulted editions in a significant part are made by advisers of AGIC


In this section the gender researches are presented. The researches have been realized by the Azerbaijan authors with 1998 on present time


To the submitted addresses it is possible to receive legal, psychological and medical aid:

The Crisis Center:
t: 4943376

legal consultation. pre-judicial preparation of the documentation . psychological rehabilitation, consultations of the gynecologist. psychiatrist, neuropathologist.

MHAIDS Azerbaijan:
t: 5106614 mhaids@initiative.az

consultations of the gynecologist. psychiatrist, neuropathologist. venereologist, the organization of the specialized analyses

Research Center ⅁Tꍊ
t: 438 15 77:


Consultations in registry offices about an opportunity of the conclusion of the marriage contract at registration of a marriage as precautionary measure against economic violence over family.

LTD ᷠand Order튍
ê ¨050) 341 06 60

legal consultation, drawing up of judicial claims , pre-judicial preparation of the documentation, participation in judicial sessions as the public defender (prosecutor)

쥡n World㯣ial Union
ê ´97 10 58

Support to victims of human trafficking shelter for victims of human trafficking


Whether you are familiar with the Law " About Gender Equality in the Azerbaijan Republic?


Women For Development of Municipality


Public Organization

• Established in February 2005 on the initiative of a group of women elected members of the municipalities. The organization covers the entire territory of the republic.

  • April 19, 2006 the organization was registered in the

Ministry of Justice the Republic of Azerbaijan.

  • May 5, 2006 became a member organization of national non-governmental organizations Forum.

The objectives


  • Increase the capacity of women's role in the development of the Municipal System and local democracy
  • Promoting enhance social development of local communities.
  • Increased interaction Municipality with local communities
  • The active involvement of women in decision-making at the local level
  • Increase the civil and political participation of women in building a democratic society


Key actions


  • Promotion of local self-government
  • Participate in developing the legislative framework (municipality, the local community)
  • Contribute to the increase of women's leadership potential in the work of

 Municipalities and communities

  • Promoting women's participation in elections
  • Support for the Rights of the population
  • Assistance in the establishment of public relations

 (Municipality, communities, government and business structures, mass media)

Contacts -

Lyudmila Khalilova

  • Member of the municipality of Baku,
  • A candidate in the Milli Mejlis (Parliament) of Azerbaijan Republic
  • The President of Women for Civil Society Development municipalities
  • Member of the Commission on social assistance to the population under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population
  • Representative of the National Association of Municipalities of Azerbaijan
  • Member of the U.S. Educated Azerbaijan Alumni Association after 10 / 2007 - for now

AZ1133 Azerbaijan, Baku, Y. Guneshli "V" 12/73,
Phone/fax: (+99412)4274984, (99412) 4782505, (+99450) 3200669
E-mail: qbiuib@yahoo.com,



Composition organization WDM:

Public WDM women's organization in their ranks more than 50 people. All of them

have higher education, leadership skills and work experience. We are united by the desire itself, to use the positive experience to address those or other problems and make a personal contribution to the development of our society and the state as a whole.


The organizational structure and administration:


Control audit committee        -         The general meeting




Deputy Chairman                    -                 Chairman                  -        Financial Manager


Project Manager                                                                  Manager of Public Relations


 Volunteers                               -                                                     -        Office manager


Information on the activities of the organization:

      • 02/05/2008 Conference was held on the theme of cooperation women leaders of Azerbaijan and America. The conference was attended by Zaida Arguedas Deputy Executive Director LWV and Director of Global Democracy Programs

      • Since 2008 WDM is a partner League of Women Voters of the United States on a program of Open World-Azerbaijan

WDM partner in 2008 Project Harmony-Azerbaijan and member of the Electoral Committee of Community Connections-2008

      • 09/12 /2007 WDM a presentation of Azerbaijan to Turkey, Ankara at the International Conference on Human Rights

      • 03/10/ 2007 WDM a presentation of Azerbaijan in the US-Washington,

Chamber of Commerce

      • In July 2007 won a competition conducted by USAID to participate in the program towards gender Community Connections of USAID, Women's Participation in the Electoral Process, US-Washington DC

      • Together with the organization "Khatt Research MMC" Project Development  of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Azerbaijan Republic and the holding of  sociological survey "The level of knowledge about the disease" Avian Influenza "(July 2007)

      • Since 2006/2007 in partnership with the organization İREX participation in the program İATP. Improve knowledge of computer courses for women refugees.

      • WDM Speaker in the framework of cooperation in the program İATP / İREX, has participated in international chats on the topic "Role of Women in Development Municipality"

      • 18/07/2007 to participate in the sixth grant competitions, entitled Biological Diversity of Azerbaijan were provided to project documents "Enhancing the quality of the Environmental Commission in the Municipality".

      • 04/05/2007 to participate in the grant competitions USAID Counterpart International "Civic Participation" were provided to project documents on the theme "Cooperation at the Benefit of Democracy".

      • 27/04/2007 to participate in the contest "The Information Society - Prerequisite for Development" project was submitted on the theme "Migration to Electronic State - working with communities"


  • 30/04/2007 assisted by the Ombudsman of the Republic of Azerbaijan Elmira Suleymanova, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the international organization "Save the Children" in Surakhani district of Baku in school ¹ 87, a conference was held on the theme of protecting children's rights "Law World"
(Saman Yolu TV, 03.05.2007 newspaper Respublika


       • With the support of BP-Azerbaijan SİB and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan under the Program of Environmental Education Conference was held;

-02/04/2007 of Baku in Surakhani district in school ¹ 87 theatrical stage an "Environmental court", exhibition on the theme "Environment through the eyes of children" (05.04.2007 newspaper Republic 03.05.2007)

-14/02/2007 Girli village school in the city Akhstafa with the creation of "Living Corner"

-15/02/2007 in Technical Humanities Lyceum Akhstafa cities on the theme "Protecting the ecology-each case",

-05/12/2006 in Surakhani district of Baku in school ¹ 290 on the theme "Protecting Biological Variety Azerbaijan" (SPACE TV),

        • 12.06.2006 World Bank documents were provided to the project "Towards the development of civil society"

        • 14.08.2006 project documentation was provided for participation in the fifth contest called Biological the Diversity of Azerbaijan. In December 2006 - the organization was awarded a certificate Biodiversity Competition (¹ 41)     

        • 15.11.2006 conjunction with the organization "Khatt Research MMC" Project Development and Credit of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Azerbaijan Republic, participated in monitoring the work in the city Nahchivan


Activities WDM:

        • The active participation of members of the organization in elections to the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan, assistance and support women candidates. (06.10.2005)

        • 07.05.2006 Year Round Table held with the participation of groups of women holding official positions on the theme "Our participation in the fight against corruption" on the International Day to Combat Corruption (10 May)

        • 28.05.2006 Round Table held with the participation of women's groups and doctors on the theme "Our pledge of future health" on the International Day of Women's Health (28 May)

12.09.2006 year, a seminar among a group of young women on the theme "Gender Law"

        • 15.02.2007 years in the Akhstafa city, a seminar was held Round Table on the theme "Women's rights and their participation in the establishment of local democracy",

        • 02.03.2007  in the Ali-Bayramli city A meeting was held with active women's groups and leaders of local NGOs, Roundtable on "The Role of Women in Municipalities"

        • 17.04.2007 to support gender policy of the state, at the local level meeting was held-panel.

        • 12.06.2007  in partnership with the organization İREX participation in the program İATP.  For members of the conditions, the use of electronic libraries and free access to the Internet.   

Services WDM:


  • In the 2006/2007 year on social protection of citizens was provided to social and legal assistance:
For the disabled group 1 Nazanin Zeynalovoy, living in Baku, Surakhani district, village Garachuhur, E. Bekirli 48 / 5 (tel.427-08-77) were prepared and submitted documents to receive government social assistance, was organized and conducted free medical Sightseeing in leading private clinic "Life" and also was given to local municipality.
Having lost parents of students Agaevoy Aziz and her brother Yousif Agayev, living in Baku, Surakhani district, village Garachuhur, P. Kerimzade 16 / 3 (tel. 427-35-54) for the smooth continuation of their studies at the Institute was provided legal assistance, were also made to secure financial assistance from the local municipality.
For the disabled group 3 Siyavush Rzaev, living in Baku, Surakhani district, Zygskoe Highway 43/90 were prepared and submitted documents to receive government social assistance
For large Svetlana Veliev and living in Baku, Narimanov district, Agha Neymetulla 28/14 (566-11-69), were prepared and submitted documents to receive government social assistance, and also provides legal advice
Legal aid in civil law provided Ulvii Hasanov unemployed and living in Baku, Surakhani district, village Garachuhur, V. Guliev 22/28 (427-92-62)
Schukurov family living in Baku, Surakhani district, village Garachuhur 40/48, 2 / 70 (427-08-91) provides legal assistance to protect their rights and public utilities etc.



Articles published:

         • " Local Women Government", 13.05.2005 state. newspaper "Yeni  Həyat"

(¹ 238, p. 2)

          • " Municipality Division in for Work With the Public ", 07.09.2005 state. newspaper "Bələdiyyə Həyatı" (¹ 10, p. 3)

          • "Problems of the Municipal activities", 09.07.2006 state. newspaper "Bələdiyyə Həyatı" (¹ 11, p. 3)

          • "The municipalities with a population of Communication", 03.09.2006 state.newspaper"Ədalət" (¹ 168, p. 4)

          • "Participation of Azerbaijani women in decision-making at the local and international level", 2007 practical scientific journal "Municipal System of Azerbaijan" (¹ 1, str.47)

           • "Ecology  Surakhani district", 05.04.2007 state. newspaper "Respublika"

 (¹ 070, p.8)

           • "Environmental Education Week", 27.04.2007 state. newspaper "Azərbaycan Müəllimi" (¹ 15, str.7)



All projects and program of the WDM Organization were conducted on a voluntary compensation, on the personal initiative within the framework of friendly cooperation based on the material support.

The WDM Organization has highly qualified human resources, trusted partners and credibility in public and public structures.

AGIC promotes creating the history of civil society and those initiations by studying womanవblic activity in the end of XIX - the beginning of XX centuries. The collection of the visual evidences and oral reminiscences allows not only to recalled the events, become utterly absorbed in the atmosphere that reigned at that time but also to comprehend, understand how and what efforts were demanded for establishing of Caucasus women಩ghts. The information collected here will serve also as a supporting material for teachers, historians and researchers working in the sphere of woman࡮d gender problems. They will get an opportunity of using these unique documents as historical references, visual and oral evidences.


The European WomenԨesaurus is the tool for definition and search of the "female" information in databanks, the Internet and the collection of women଩braries, the documentary centers and archives. The European WomenԨesaurus contains 2087 European terms.

In the Azerbaijan version of the Thesaurus are brought 589 terms reflecting sociopolitical realities of the Azerbaijan society, national and Islamic culture.


is the data-base of all the national actors involved in women's and gender issues work. The data base supposes to include the gender focal points:㴡te agencies, National parliament, Business sector, Mass media outlets, 鮴ernational organizations, functioning in Azerbaijan, Funding institutions, functioning in Azerbaijan,鰬omatic corps, functioning in Azerbaijan, the individual actors (individual feminists, writers and poets, artists, scientific women಩ghts lawyers). Attention! The directory is connected by links to databases of women·Os (both registered and non-registered), NGOs carrying out gender projects, researchers and teachers.


In Azerbaijan by initiative of the President Ilham Aliev in accordance with Presidential Decree dated by 6 of February 2006 State Committee on Family, Women and Children issues has been established. Chairwoman of the Committee is Mrs. Khidjran Guseynova. She is the professor of the Baku State University and the first woman- the doctor of political sciences in Azerbaijan


The section presents the international documents on achievement of equality between men and women and protection of human rights for women.


The section presents the international documents on achievement of equality between men and women and protection of human rights for women.


The database base of women·Os includes the registered and unregistered organizations, womenঠgroups. Attention! There arenలactically precisely profile NGOs in Azerbaijan. For completeness of the information search is recommended to realize by several key words


The database represents the information about the international and national projects on gender problems for the period 1998-2007. Search is carried out both by thematic key words and under names of NGOs

Human Rights in the XXI Century - Azerbaijan

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Regional Initiative of Women's Groups for Promoting ICT as a Strategic Tool for Social Transformation

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